lundi 23 septembre 2013

My 1st Package from IPPODO !

Delivery Summary
Delivery Method: EMS (Express Mail Service)
Order shipped: Wednesday
Product recieved: Monday
Total: 6 days
My order in from IPPODO has arrived straight from Kyoto, Japan to Paris, France. My purchase was mainly for matchas to enjoy this autumn, with a limited edition autumn matcha, and a sweet matcha drink. I hear this brand is highly recommended, so I was very excited.
Purchasing Ippodo online is very easy. Their website is very delicate and cute, also not cluttered, so it is very clear what different products are available and they are well organized. There are the main types of Japanese teas and various grades of each. Check out will calculate the delivery cost, and it only took a 2 days for my order to ship out. 

* Tiny confusion when choosing their matchas online. The matchas available in 20g and 40g versions are the same tea, the same grade and same tea, but in different packaging and in different names. I have confirmation from their customer service. *
Ippodo box has the little logo pattern, it is nice.
Opening the box.
First thing in the package you see their lovely catalogs.
The catalogs are sincerely lovely, the paper they printed on varies, they are filled with illustrated tips on how to brew matcha and other kind of Japanese teas, and explanations of the different teas. Worth to keep! So lovely! Too bad it is in Japanese and English, not French like when received from Marukyu-Koyamaen.
Items are well protected with bubble bags.
There are also bubble wraps on two of the matcha cans, and bottom layer of box.
Only major down point is shipping internationally is only by EMS. Expensive. And I do not have good experiences with EMS in France. It is always better with a tracking number, but with EMS it is little of no use. Each time I have to go to the agency to retrieve my packages. It is disappointing when having paid so much but quality of service is less than SAL Small Package that delivers in front of my door or drops it at a nearby post office with a note in the mailbox. There is little to no contact, and I have included my mobile number and building door code. EMS/Chronopost is a black hole, without the tracking number to know it has arrived in Paris, you will need to haul to the agency with the tracking number or kiss it goodbye after 15 days.

Yes, a let down on the part of two major points.
  1. EMS handled by Chronopost. Having to take voyage to and fro to the agency when clearly should be delivered at the door. I have avoided it at all costs, but unfortunately Ippodo leaves me no choice.
  2. Box was not crossed for item on the EMS delivery form, every case would be "gift". Ippodo has failed to cross any box, the computer prints the mailing slip and it does not cross the box. This welcomes the yellow paper of death = LA DOUANE! Taxed! Taxed €24,00! This costs half of my total purchase. Very unreasonable for such tiny things.
  Sticker stuck on the package, TAXES DOUANES A PERCEVOIR! HORROR!!!
When the status of delivery shows the following message, package is taxed!
Taxes douanes:Objet taxé
Commentaire:Taxe à percevoir à la livraison
Please be careful of this yellowish paper, it is bad news!
Kimmo-no-mukashi High Quality 20g Can 
Ummon-no-mukashi Ultra-Premium Quality 20g Can 
Tsukikage Special Matcha (Only available in autumn!) 20g Box 
Uji-Shimizu 150g Bag 
I have selected the option of gift wrapping, it is free.

In conclusion, if ordering Ippodo will not ship it EMS ever again. Period. First and last. Avoid at all costs for everything.

Matcha reviews coming soon, quite curious about their products, I do hope the pleasure of their matchas is worth the EMS/Chronopost drama, expensive shipping fees, and French tax.
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