mercredi 7 août 2013

MATCHA REVIEW: Marukyu-Koyamaen, Hatsu Enishi Shin Matcha Gold [丸久小山園, 新抹茶金印 初縁]

Brand: Marukyu-Koyamaen
Origin: Uji, Kyoto, JAPAN 
Weight: 40g 
Price: ¥3465 
Hatsu Enishi Shin Matcha Gold 新抹茶金印 初縁
Seasonal Matcha : Sold from the middle to the end of May only
  • Matcha prepared traditionally, thick or thin.
  • Higher priced, high grade, compared to other brands.
  • Seasonal so it is very limited time only.
Type of Shin Matcha, freshly harvested from the annual harvest in May.
This seasonal matcha comes in Silver, as well and is slightly less in price.
Appearance of Matcha
As one can expect from this brand, the obvious is that the powder is very fine and the color is bright green. The product is fresh from sealed can like most cans of matcha. Foamy is the best part (foams easily and the powder mixes easily), if prepared well it will have no lumps at all.
Smell of Matcha
Special point is the fragrant of the tea, it is an aroma so sweet and creamy, it is addicting to smell the aroma straight from the can. No joking. Irresistible.
Fine beautiful green, soft, powder.
Kneading to form a paste and bring out the aroma.

Enjoyable as thick or thin.
I have not made thick tea, just a paste. It is very creamy and shiny.
Very easy to foam.
Et voila!
Beautiful and perfect foamy every time.

Taste of Matcha Drink
The taste of sweet creaminess. No negative taste of bitterness, grass, or soap. It has a unique grassy kick of its own that reaches the nose. Shin matcha is strong, so it has a green earthly flavor. The foam is the best and most important part, the creamy foam so fluffy like a bubble bath. Have to make sure to finish all the foam off the cup when finished. Seriously. Be creative on how to do that.
  • Enjoy without sugar.
  • Enjoy it warm and right away, don't let it sit around, it is too delicious.
  • Filter the matcha to avoid lumps always. Since this brand of matcha is very very fine and fresh, it is very soft and moist, and passing it through the filter may take longer than ordinary matcha.
  • Prepare with hot water and whisked into a foam (traditional way).
  • The powder has a wonderful aroma and the taste is so pleasant, it is a smell I can smell all day. The first time I had to lick any matcha from the pull top lid. The powder is delicious.
  • Recommend it to those who do not like strong bitter after taste. Wait for it... The finish is sweet. It leaves a sweet taste in the mouth even after drinking it.
 Some photos taken on the first day of opening.
Taken with the labtop's camera.
Color Comparison:

[LEFT] Kiyotaki Reiyou
[RIGHT] Hatsu Enishi Shin Matcha Gold
Very slight difference, the Reiyou is more bright.
Practice to make it perfect with the right ratio and temperature, so the taste will be heavenly. Takes time to prepare to get it just right. Take out all your matcha gear.

Sweet and delicious foam! Beautiful aroma!

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